We adhere strictly to the following Code of Ethics:

Client documented information:

We will only use any documented client information to support and promote their profile\business\brand by means of the website. All of such data will be held as private and confidential and not released to others.

Website Downtime or Unscheduled Off-line:

If a website, and they all will, goes down or off-line for any reason, we will respond within a reasonable amount of time, contacting the domain hosting company in order to minimize the potential loss of business due to that said downtime. We are not liable for the downtime.

Website and Property Ownership:

We are clear and upfront about exactly who owns the websites we build, the content on the site, and the underlying structure. We will make the ownership policy clear to a client, in writing if requested, from the start.

Transfer of Webmasters:

On request the entire website will be copied to a CD (provided by the client) if said clients choose to stop using our services, making it easy for a customer to take the files and\or content they provided and own to another webmaster. We will not deceive or otherwise coerce a customer to into an agreement that restricts his or her right of ownership of content or cause it to be unreasonably difficult to terminate our relationship.

Intellectual Property:

We will make every efforts to ensure that all copyright, trademarks and intellectual property rights are preserved. We refuse to use stolen or borrowed content, and images or photographs that do not have proper usage rights. While it is ultimately the the client’s responsibility to ensure that all content on the website is used only in a lawful manner, it is our duty to explain the importance of legal considerations such as these.

Technical Support:

We will do our utmost to ensure that some form of technical support exists for the websites we build. The client will always know who to call if things go wrong.


We will empower our client with the required tools and educate them to keep the website build secure. This would include include educating them on topics such as the risk of being targeted by hackers, security of password etc. This would also apply to securing their emails and spam.

Terms of Use:

We agree to abide by the Terms of Use of online services and products. If the terms of use require that a legal business name be used to create an account, we will not create false accounts or use fictitious information. All such accounts will be documented and supplied to the client.

Rates and Pricing:

We will be completely upfront with regards to all our pricing policies and will never to hide additional rates. Our pricing is straightforward and easily understood before we enter the work agreement. Prices will always be in writing, and supported by invoice.


We reserve the right to attach a webmaster page (free of charge) to all websites designed, developed and maintained by us. This serves to ensure high quality development, because we put our name on it, and as an advert to attract other potential clients. We also place a link on our website to direct traffic back to you.