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Social Media Marketing

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You need a well designed and developed website specific for your brand needs at an affordable price.

Android Development

Take your brand to the next level with a privately developed Android app to match your brand at an affordable price.

Your brand needs a marketing strategy designed specific for your needs at an affordable price.

Articles designed in a way to teach everyone about websites, social media marketing, brand awareness and Android app development.

How does your brand make you feel? What does your brand mean to you?

To fully understand what a brand is you need to understand the emotion or feeling it gives you.
To have success with your brand you need to connect with your customers feelings.
This episode might help you think about branding in a different way.

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We are a small family driven company that wants to build your future web experiences. We are driven to create a user friendly style for you the customer.

If you think you can’t afford your own website, social media marketing or that you don’t need one you should consider contact us for an obligation free quote. I am sure we can make a difference to your brands future, together.

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Online Courses

Name URL Pricing
Easy Marketing Plan Bootcamp
Excel Nerd eLearning Bundle (Advanced Spreadsheet Skills)
Under R250
WordPress Security: Secure Your Site Against Hackers!
Under R250
Facebook Page Masterclass: Use It to Grow Your Business
Under R250
How To Create High-Quality Blog Content That Gets Shared
Under R250
Webinar Marketing: Beginner's Webinar Blueprint
Under R250
YouTube Advertising: Beginner's YouTube Ads Blueprint
Under R250

There are many more courses to help you and your brand.

Free & Paid Online Courses Available Here
Warren M. WALKER

Senior Developer & Marketeer

I have been developing software for the PC for over 28 years. Everything from games, to PC tools, email analyzers, data cruncher, booking packages and online communication.

Warren M. WALKER


Digital and Junior Developer

My son has been interested in web design and development for many years and decided to join his dad in building something special, adding his personal touch.



Program & Video Approvals

My son has been interested in video advertising and modeling, does the approvals and recommendations for infographics and video copy and market funnels.