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Available Products & Services

You need a well designed and developed website specific for your brand at an affordable price. You have come to the right place. Everyone’s needs differ and ever brand has it’s own style. Yours is exactly the same and deserves it’s own unique design.

Your brand needs a marketing strategy designed specific for you at an affordable price. Follow the process for a great marketing campaign and building real trust and relationships.

Take your brand to the next level with a privately developed Android app to match your brand at an affordable price.

Blogs\Articles designed in a way to teach everyone about websites, social media marketing, brand awareness and Android app development, marketing campaigns, self brand awareness, online courses and much more.

You not always available to be watching a video or looking at photos but while driving or cleaning or working out at the gym you will be able to listen to a podcast. These podcasts are designed to help you understand what branding is, what is can mean for you and how to use it with regards to websites, mobile apps, marketing and social media. Enjoy!

Knights 2.0 Podcast

Podcast: Knights 2.0 - Branding Inspirations

We have a great series of podcasts for you to listen to while on the go to assist you with branding. 

We don’t believe in thinking outside the box. For us there is no box. There should be no box for you as well.

Listen on your favourite podcast channel now.

We are a small family driven company that wants to build your future web experiences.
We are driven to create a user friendly style for you the customer.

If you think you can’t afford your own website, social media marketing or that
you don’t need one you should consider contact us for an obligation free quote.
I am sure we can make a difference to your brands future, together.

Contact us today!

Meet The Team

Warren M Walker (Owner, Website Developer)

Owner & Senior Developer

I have been developing software for the PC for over 28 years. Everything from games, to PC tools, email analyzers, data cruncher, booking packages and online communication.

Warren M Walker

Lucas FAB Walker (Digital & Marketing)

Digital & Marketing

My son has been interested in marketing and brand awareness for many years and decided to join his dad in building something special, adding his personal touch.

Lucas FAB Walker

Levi CMD Walker (Audio & Video)

Audio & Video

My son has been interested in video advertising and modeling, does the approvals and recommendations for infographics and video copy and market funnels.

Levi CMD Walker

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