Social Media Marketing

Social Media and Trending

Start a trend
Wouldn’t we all like to be trend setters. In no matter what field you in, designing clothes, chairs or websites being at the forefront of a trend is great. What would you need to start a trend? Immediately some would say a large audience and influence. While this is correct for Hollywood starting a trend doesn’t have to be that way.

All you need to do is look for something unique and original. Something that others haven’t tried before. It needs to be easy to copy and understand, and look awesome. Trends start off slow and build into something popular, even if its only for a short time. Some trends may last for years.

Follow a trend
If you don’t have an original idea in your head and are easily swayed by other peoples fads then to follow a trend is a much easier option for you. Find something that’s been around for a short period of time. Copy it and show the world. If those you show haven’t see it before then they will assume its your trend. Just remember, because you use other peoples trends it doesn’t mean you can’t adapt them to suit you. If we look at the website button. They have been made to look like so many different things already. We went from using images to HTML5 and CSS3 coding, colour swapping to animated to following the world in WordPress. Find your own way to display the already used options, and maybe that trend will catch on.

Who says
I just finished a website and its like no others! You spread it around on Facebook, Twitter with images on Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. The word is out – you started something new, and now you wait to see if it catches on. After a month you come across someone that did it 6 months before you. What a let down. Again you just a follower, without even knowing it. You have to ask yourself, Why do I want to start a trend? Is it really that important! Hopefully not. When you creating something its a piece of yourself, if the only reason it to start a trend then what piece are you displaying? Just create to your best ability and the trends will take care of themselves.

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