Here are some great online courses to help your brand grow.

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Warren M. WALKER

By Warren M. WALKER

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The image of your brand is the most important facet of your company or agency. That brand is made up of several components which include the image, service, client care, products, social responsibility, customer education and your staff.

One way to ensure for an amazing brand is to educate yourself and your staff. 

The following courses are meant to accomplish just that. Some are free and all are under R250. Give your brand a fighting chance by enabling yourself and staff to greater heights of knowledge and understanding.

By looking at each aspect of your brand and paying attention to the parts of it that need improvements with accuracy and knowledge you can be effective in the promotion of your product or service.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Name URL Pricing
Advanced SEO - Rank on Page 1
Advanced SEO Keyword Research and Targeting
Google SEO and Link Building
Under R250
SEO - The Complete Guide To Search Engine Optimization
Under R250

While search engine optimization usually and mainly refers to your branded website it is also applicable to all your social brands, which would include your YouTube channel, podcast, Facebook group or page. 

By correctly understanding how SEO can work for your brand you can make great progress with brand awareness.

14 Great Free & Paid Online Courses to help you build your brand | #3

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Sales & Marketing

While there is a big difference between sales and marketing they do kind of work hand in hand. Most sales don’t take place without already being marketed. Yes you can market a product or service without quoting a price or rate to secure a sale.

By understanding the difference between the two you will be more successful when it comes to brand awareness.


“I am way to busy and have no idea how to create a blog or even what I am meant to blog about” might be some of the reasons preventing you from building your brand by means of a blog.

By using a blog correctly you can accomplish much. You will be able to build your brand, educate your customer, build awareness and create new content keeping your website up to date and relevant. 


Facebook isn’t just a place to post a few pictures and or post some annoying adverts most people don’t want to see. 

It does not have to be that way. By finding a way to connect with your customers, educating them about your product or service and using the platform as a way to communicate you can build a strong trustworthy brand.


Hundreds of millions of videos are posted every month and consumed by many viewers. By using this avenue to build a repour between yourself and your brand.

By visually showing the usage of your product or how your service works or why is it done is a certain way will not only build trust but also the authority.

Website Development

Your website is the unspoken handshake between yourself and your prospective customer. It needs to speak while you are not there and needs to help make conversions, taking visitors from a click to a sale.

By understanding what type of  website your brand requires and what security you will need you can set your brand above the competition.


The basic fundamentals of business and how you can benefit from it will take your brand into the future.

While you are always welcome to hire someone else to do certain tasks for you; it is always a good idea to know how something is done or even be able to do it for yourself.