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Social media is a valuable tool in the arsenal of marketing; to grow and expand your brand in a way you want, yet still can be used incorrectly used exposing yourself to a devastating mess.

Facebook; if used correctly is a great resource for branding, but if used incorrectly can leave a very bitter taste in everyone’s mouth. By considering the following 5 pro tips you can help avoid disaster and enjoy a growing brand.

“Write chapters of your life instead of adding comments to the life of others.” ~ Hermann J Steinherr.

5 Pro Tips to grow your brand on Facebook | Opinion Counts

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Using a user profile correctly:

Many companies have a Facebook page which only displays the best of the brand but, and that’s a big BUT, the user profile that posts to the page or shares the posts to other groups misbehaves. You have to consider the image or reputation of the user profile associated to your brand.

There are a few big NO NO’s you need to remember.

  • Absolutely no getting involved in world or country affairs. This means never speaking out about polities, race, culture, sexism or religion etc. If you green and you speak out about blue you offend blue and vice versa. Someone might like your brand and others will hate it. That’s not good marketing at all. Neutral is the only island you need to be standing on. Do not bring the outside world and its problems into your brand.
  • Absolutely no swearing or obscene behavior as this might get you liked by some but hated by others. While the world around you laughs at such manners your profile has to remain honorable in all things.
  • Absolutely no posts about drinking or smoking as this once again might make you popular with some it will get you hated by others. Find your happy neutral island and plant your feet firmly on it.

The reputation of the user profile has to be unbiased and squeaky clean.

Use of Page or Group:

PAGE: The purpose of a page is the same as a digital showroom or shop window. It’s for the brand (company or business) to post images, articles and videos to educate the casual onlooker what is on offer and how your brand can help make their lives easier. Only the manager of the group, which is the user profile that creates it or a profile assigned to post on it, creates posts for “liker” to see, like, comment and share. It’s all about your brand and how you want the onlooker to see you.

Don’t post the same content over and over as this leaves no reason for people to return and view the page again let alone to like it. Even if you want to make a similar post make sure you change the message and colours. Create something new for each post.

GROUP: The purpose of a group is to get like-minded users and pages together in one place. Like-minded could be the area or city your business operates from. By doing this you can share the post you have on your page to a group in your area, or in the same industry. Usually everyone in a group can post to the group. Groups are a great way to spread your brand to users that are not your friends or already like your page.

Get involved in your industry:

Your brand is not alone in your industry and everyone in your industry can not only teach you but also learn from you. If you are a commercial house painter go find groups focused on construction and share your thoughts. Comment on helping others and growing relationships which in turn grows a good image for your brand. Don’t be shy to ask for someone’s opinion and don’t be shy to give it, but never be dogmatic about it. There are always two sides to every coin and other have the right to their own opinion.

Also by being involved in your industry you can be informed about upcoming events or workshops you could be involved in. Growing relationships is the best way to grow your brand. Painters need brick layers, which in turn needs plumbers, which in turn needs electricians.

Articles\Blogs for education:

While a quick post can highlight a point of sale or an idea about a product or service nothing other than a well thought out article can not only educate your reader but also build trust and establish your brand as knowledgeable. An article is nicely polished off by means of a video showcasing a real person with feelings and emotions which brings the written word to life. These articles can be on your website with brief extracts on your Facebook page with a CTA (Call to action) telling readers where to find the full article. The video can be hosted on YouTube and embedded in the website blog.

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Post often and with purpose:

Can you remember the posts your saw yesterday, let along last week? If you want to grow your brand you need to post virtually every day. If you can show consistency with your Facebook page it proves to your potential client that you will also offer them a great product or service. If you can’t look after your own brand how can you look after someone else’s brand?

How do you post with a purpose? To have a purpose you need to have a goal. Do you have a goal? Yes you do. You want to grow your brand. How do you post with the purpose to grow your brand? You can do this by creating posts with images or video showcasing your exciting product or service. Show the reader how by using your product or service their life will be better off.

What is the use of posting a picture of a puppy with a few words saying “The puppy?” The post needs to have a CTA as well as a positive message informing them why you have shown them the puppy. “Would you like a beautiful house broken puppy? Click to link below to adopt your very own one.” Give a reason and a CTA to first affect the heart by means of the puppy and then the brain by means of the CTA.

To sum it all up:

Keep your brand user out of the world’s problems and issues and find that island. You need to be all things to all people. A certain brand pulled out of South Africa when things got hard and now no matter what they do I will never support them again. That’s how easy it is to damage your brand.

Think twice before you comment and like and three times before you share a Facebook post. Make sure your brand is always seen in the right light and not being swept up with the current climate. If you do and after a few years when the climate changes people will still remember the side your brand picked.

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