What to remember when moving premises

As a Brand

It’s usually new and exciting for a company to more premises as it hold opportunities for a new beginning.

“Let him that would move the world first move himself.” – Socrates.

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Emails & Signatures:

One of the first objectives after moving premises is to inform your customer base that you have moved. You want to ensure that all your current customers are aware of the move taking place, when its talking place and how to get to the new location.

When it comes to a move like this it is important to let your customer know that the postal address has also changed or is also staying the same. The phone numbers might also change of stay the same depending on how far the move is.

Lets say that one of the branches or stores are moving but the administration offices and other stores or branches are still to remain the same. Try offer as much information as possible to instill comfort in your products and services.

You also need to indicate on your email signature what the new contact numbers are and the new location. Even have a link to a map showing the ease of access to the new location.

Google Maps:

Naturally we assume you have already registered your company or store location on Google maps. You do not want to confuse a potential customer. When they look on Google maps for your location they must not be directed to the wrong place.

You will need to ensure the new pin is captured and the old pin removed. This will not happen immediately so start the process at least a couple of weeks before the move.

Local Listings:

Naturally once again we assume you have recorded all the website links and login details for the local listings you are on. You can always search your company name and go to each link that has a listing. If you don’t have a login for that listing you can simply email the webmaster or administration officer of the website to request the change.

Social Media Platforms:

Naturally once again we assume you have recorded all the social media platforms you are on. Login to each of them and change the details to the new ones. It would be a great idea to also make a few posts before the move letting your customers know about the move and change of address and or contact details. Letting the customers know why the move; as in “We moving to a bigger premises.”

The Website:

One the date of the move it is important to change the contact details and address, not forgetting the Google map widget indicating the new location. To ensure your customers recognizes the change of premises it is always a great idea to write a short blog with an image “We have moved” on your home page. Leave it on the the home page for at least a 3 months.

If you have a specific area listed on your website that you as a brand facilitate it is important to re-establish that connection or list the new area the brand will be operating in.

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To sum it all up:

So besides all the digital places you need to change you also need to change the details on your letterheads, invoices and quotes (estimates) as well as all other places it may be.

A great idea would be to invite your customers to come visit the new premises and share a coffee or host a competition. If you are financially able you could even through a grand opening for selected customers and suppliers.

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