What do you look for in a website?

As A Marketer (Part 4)

One way to see the quality of a website if to observe how easy it is to market. Is your website marketable?

“Don’t forget to spend a little time on your competitors websites and see how they attract their customers.”

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Social Media Platforms:

Most people think of social media when they think of marketing and while they are partly right there is a lot more to it. Social media is one of the best way you can grow your brand through word of mouth.

Social shares are as good as testimonials are and are just as important. Being able to market your brand through your website is essential and needs to be well thought of. Spend some time developing a share policy that matches your customers need as well as your marketing campaign.

What all is involved in having social share links on your website?
A share link to the various social media platforms;
A button link to the various social media platforms;
A image or icon to the various social media platforms;
A shareable image in the right dimension;
A title describing the main point of the website page (50 to 60 characters long)
A description describing the main points of the website page (150 to 160 characters long)

Call To Action (CTA):

To be able to fully market the brand your website needs good direction and an effective way to do this is through a clear CTA guiding the visitor to where you need them.

Naturally the CTA needs to be relevant to the page it’s on. If the visitor finds themselves on the contact page the call to action for a subscribe to a newsletter would be appropriate.

Call to action buttons are especially useful when trying to get the visitor to download a special offer, to surrender their email address, watch a video or to visit a selected social media platform.

Free Giveaway and Special Offer:

People just love anything free or receiving a special offer or discount. The marketing team will find it easy to inform customers to visit the website and follow a image saying FREE. A great website always offers free or discount as it attracts new customers and builds trust.

Think about the trade you are in and how you can include this into your marketing campaign. Even social media share images saying DISCOUNT will attract new and repeat customers. If you selling toilets offer a free toilet roll holder with their purchase. Put yourself in your customers shoes and think what would make you happy and what would help you decide to make the purchase.


By asking visitors to submit their email address is a great way to advance your market. Promise to send them discount vouchers (downloadable) from a landing page of the website. This not only allows you to change the discount offer at any time but also track how many of your customers took the time to download it.

When it comes to receiving emails most people are inundated with spam and unwanted emails. It is essential to inform the customer that you will only email them x amount of times a month and that your company deems their personal details as confidential and that they can unsubscribe if they ever want to.

Facebook Pixel:

To be able to do Facebook ads it is vital to track the visitors to your website and Facebook has made it really easy. After logging into your Facebook account follow the link to the Ads Manager, in the Events Manager tab create a new pixel code and copy that code to your website.

Facebook then tracks through that code the visitors to the website allowing you to target adverts specifically to them. A great plan would be to place one code on the basket of an e-commerce website and another one of the checkout page. That will allow you to target those that bought a product with an advert to get them to buy more and to target an advert of less 5% discount for those not yet taken the BUY step.


To get an accurate reading on what happens on your website, where your visitors are coming from, what pages they looking at, etc you need to ensure the developer has setup all the needed tools to get usable figures.

This is a invaluable tool to learn more about your visitors, the working of your website and the progress of your marketing campaign.


One of the best fundamental tools for any brand are videos. Videos can be used for information, education and as well as demonstration. What better way to show your customer how to use your product or what your service can do for you.

Videos are a medium of expression that has the ability to reach people in a way that touches emotions and that is why a channel like YouTube is so successful. In 2019 more than 500 hours of videos were uploaded to YouTube every minute.

By adding this great feature to all aspects of your website you make marketing of it much easier. More reason to visit your sight will always increase the brand visibility. Videos are also a great way to show testimonials.


Lets start with videos. Lets say you own a coffee brewing company. By using videos on your website showing how you brew coffee. The way to select a great coffee and how it affects the flavour would allow the customer to see first hand what all goes into making a product, which increases its value.

Lets say you own a drivers license education company. By using videos on your website showing how to turn or park, showing how other learners are managing it and how patient you are as a teacher.

Education can come in the forms of video, articles and blogs, PDF files, spreadsheets and forms. Have a good look at your website and think what would make it easier for the customer to understand your products and services, then build education around it. The marketing team can easily steer customers to a page for an educational article or video.

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To sum it all up:

When laying out your very first attempt at a design of the website and what all you need on it don’t forget to think about the marketing side as well. By asking yourself what you would like to see on someone else’s website, you can build a picture of your own requirements.

Don’t forget to spend a little time on your competitors websites and see how they attract their customers. By using some foresight in the design and development stages you can ensure your website is built in a way it can be marketed with ease.

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