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We at Knights Multi-Media are dedicated to those that wish to have a presents of the internet but think they can't afford it ... well you can. We have put together 4 packages, from the Lite to the Premium. We also offer Mobile site as well as doing the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your current site. We are confident that one of these packages will suite your budget. If you require something slightly different from what we offer we can make a custom package just for you.

Packages: to view our rates, they are very affordable.
Whether you just starting out for the first time or already have a website and need an upgrade we have a package for you. Our packages range from a Lite ‘just getting’ started to a Premium ‘im in it to win it’. Included in the packages if the free setup of the domain, and assistance with the setup of emails.

Landing Pages: to view our rates, they are very affordable.
What is a landing page? It’s a web page which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section of a website. It is usually a separate page with its own theme to specifically promote or advertise a product or service. The landing page is the link provided to Adwords or social media advertising.

Social Media: to view our rates, they are very affordable.
Setting up and maintaining your presents on the social media platform don’t have to be a daunting experience. With our skilled professionals we will design you a Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn account that can be easily maintained. Our marketing team can assist you in developing usable leads for new or renewed business.

Advertising & Marketing: to view our rates, they are very affordable.
All businesses need a marketing campaign. If you need help formulating a plan or advancing that plan into new areas we can not only offer valuable advice we will create you a call-to-action.

Our services also include the setup and maintaining of Adwords, digital marketing and graphics, it also includes postings and user growth.

Articles: #marketing #websites #landingpages #seo articles, about all-things-websites.
It is impossible to know every aspect of every topic that affects our business and lives. We hope our articles can assist you in understanding websites and marketing.
The lastest article is the "7 must know marketing points"

Downloads for social icons in png format in various sizes in for FREE.

Current Projects

National Crete (Landing Page) (Commercial Flooring)
Find A Guide (Tourism)
Like Minded (Directory Listing)

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